For Our Clients

Our clients don’t want to be sold – they want a trained ear to listen and deliver. 

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What we do.

We are proud to be the preferred attorney search firm for the most selective Fortune 500 companies, investment and commercial banks, private equity and hedge funds, consulting firms and start-ups, as well as for the most prestigious law firms, in all practice areas. With our unique team structure and personalized approach, our founders are involved in each and every search we choose to take on, always bringing the advantage of perspective that can only result from decades of experience. Moreover, our clients are not limited to law firms and in-house law departments; we have also placed attorneys as investment bankers, business affairs executives, consultants, and compliance professionals and understand the recipe for success in those law-related roles as well.

Let's get started.

How we choose for you.

Give us your wish list and let’s talk it through.  Sounds simple, yet it is anything but. However, we have the experience to combine those priorities with our knowledge of your industry, the legal market and specific candidate profiles to quickly map out a search strategy that will work for your unique needs. We have the depth of in-house experience to screen candidates not only for the right technical skills, but for the intangibles necessary to successfully integrate with the different constituencies in a corporate setting. We factor in how the candidate would interface not only with his or her supervisor, but also with colleagues in the law department, on the business team, and even how they will represent the company in the industry. Having worked with candidates from General Counsels to those at the most junior levels and with such a broad array of companies, we know the questions to ask to get to the heart of what the candidates are really bringing to the table for you. 

We don’t produce mere volume of paper – that’s what job boards are for. We take the time to get to know the attorneys we recommend and we have the experience and extensive network to identify the stellar candidates in any specialty. Speaking with many of our candidates even before they began a job search - and many for long thereafter - we build the rapport to see behind the “interview face” to what truly drives them and how they might function in various environments. Also, having placed with many legal employers, we can credibly articulate the benefits of your particular opportunity. We are skilled advocates for each client we take on because we bring decades of perspective to the employer and potential employee so that both have a clear-eyed view of the opportunity and the “fit”. Finally, although we provide a slate of candidates that hit your desired mark, with the benefit of more years in the search industry than most, we know that sometimes the less obvious choice can turn out to be the best, so we might send a “surprise” star candidate your way from time to time…

An interview process that works.

Our goal here is to keep analyzing and incorporating your feedback and the candidates’ responses so that the process is so efficient that we beat the expected timelines. We have worked through many of the unique challenges of in-house placement - from multiple hiring managers having different reactions to interviews, reprioritizing necessary skills after meeting candidates, or even second thoughts about the role itself. We simply gather as much detail as possible about what is working for you, what isn’t and why and then use that insight to continue targeting the most appropriate candidates going forward.  Which brings us to………

It’s ok to change your mind.

We know that the search process is dynamic – as you meet candidates and discuss the relative advantages of various profiles, your hiring goals may continue to evolve and/or your department needs may change, sometimes leading you in an unexpected direction.   We are very accustomed to changing course as needed and we have the flexibility and persistence to stay on board with you throughout.  Just one example: we once conducted a General Counsel search where the executives insisted on traditional prestige credentials to command the respect necessary within the company, but soon realized the best means to that end was greater focus on practical experience and a very approachable personality. We identified and placed such an individual and she was a great success. 

Making the hire.

Our clients vary in the level of our involvement they require at the offer stage of a search (negotiations, reference checks, etc.) and we are happy to handle as much or as little as desired. In all cases, however, we will have done the groundwork to ensure as smooth a process as possible, carefully pre-screening our candidates for compensation data and goals so that expectations are set appropriately. Also, we are always ready to provide market intelligence to help you build an offer that will be competitive and attractive to your chosen candidate. 

How we define success.

Each individual placement for us is a building block towards helping our clients find the attorneys capable of not only filling their current jobs, but of taking their organization to the next level.  We have had the pleasure of this experience many times; for example, when the candidate we placed years ago became the General Counsel of a famous luxury goods brand and returned to us a client; or when we placed an entire M&A team from the ground up in a Fortune 500 that is the envy of the industry; or when we added the entire Sports Law Group for an AmLaw 100 firm; or when we helped a top TV network in NY build a quality, diverse law department. What’s more, we were most grateful when that network in turn referred us to a renowned LA production house where we filled yet more roles. We never have and never will take for granted the trust and loyalty of our valued clients.