For Our Candidates

We offer an unparalleled level of personalized service.

The "best" firm is not determined by the rankings, it is actually determined by knowing which firm offers the environment that most aligns with your personal preferences. Therefore, our search process is specifically customized for your individual needs and career goals. For more than 30 years, we have been refining our methodology to develop a system that is carefully designed to match your personal strengths and career objectives with employers that most value those skills and can satisfy those goals.   

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In Person Meeting

Our experience continues to confirm that no volume of emails, texts and phone calls can substitute for a personal meeting. Recruiters who are more concerned about the volume of their placements than with helping attorneys make successful, long-lasting life decisions take advantage of the limited time we all have by skipping this step; however, we still invest the time to get to know the "person" behind the pedigree. Away from all the distractions, in our townhouse, we take the time to get to know your history, preferences, skills, interests, and professional aspirations. 

Information Download

We have the benefit of having been placing attorneys for more than 30 years and so have a significant amount of non-public data that has been culled from seeing how more than 1,000 career paths have worked out over the years. This allows us to extract detailed information that is specifically relevant to each attorney's unique needs and desires to determine which opportunities are most appropriate. For some, it is a very focused list, for others, there may be alternative paths that need to be explored.


Resume Preparation

We work with you to utilize the perspective we have gained from years of seeing which resumes have resonated at the particular employers of interest to you, without sacrificing your individual style and voice to create materials to represent you. We then supplement that tailored resume with a cover letter that reflects the open, candid meeting we have had to describe your strengths and individuality in a way that most accurately and effectively advocates for you.


Interview Preparation

Contrary to popular belief, interview preparation is not about saying what the employer wants to hear, but rather about presenting yourself so effectively that a potential employer is quickly able to gain a clear understanding of the strengths you bring to the workplace. This requires a particularly personalized approach that reflects an understanding of how your unique personality is shown to best effect. This is where we again put in the extra time necessary to get to know you well enough to be able to provide such specific advice and and in fact, we have helped hundreds of attorneys achieve more successful outcomes than they ever experienced before. 

Interviewing Process

We follow up regularly with each of your potential employers and continually keep you informed of all updates in real time. We solicit comprehensive, detailed feedback for you and utilize it to reassess the search criteria if appropriate as the search progresses. 


Offer Stage

Every job has specific strengths and we help you make a clear and realistic assessment of the relative advantages of each offer. We also help you complete all the diligence you need to make an informed decision while maintaining the goodwill you have developed with your prospective employer. Finally, we have the experience to help you successfully negotiate the terms of the offer. 



Even after an offer is accepted, we counsel you through the process of seamlessly and successfully resigning, transitioning, and integrating into a new organization's culture. 

Career-Long Support

Even after placement, we continue to provide support and advice throughout your career as you address all of the challenges of managing a successful career in a highly demanding and constantly changing profession.